A collaborative workspace for creative free-thinkers.

The most beautiful things are created within the undefined contours of a cocoon. Discover the Studio, a place that you would undoubtedly love to call your own.

The Studio is an initiative by GalleriaM that seeks to break down the boundaries that limit our creativity by offering a work environment that shall uplift your soul and give wings to your imagination!

From ergonomically designed work-stations by Codutti to a digital library, from iMacs to foot massagers, the Studio offers facilities that are designed to help you accelerate your performance, at every step.

Our MindSpa series of entrepreneurial and holistic workshops shall provide opportunities to discover greater harmony within your mind so that you can achieve new vistas of success. And for your private moments of reflection and introspection, our art gallery offers you the perfect canvas.

Belong here.

Right to membership is reserved. Conditions apply.