Membership Benefits

Facilities Silver Gold Platinum
Primary Benefits
Workstation Area General General Designated
Access to Professional Workshops 20% Discount 30% Discount Complimentary*
Access to Special Events 20% Discount 30% Discount Complimentary*
Starter Kit Complimentary* Complimentary* Complimentary*
Personal Drawer/Locker Facilities Chargeable Free* Free*
Tea/Coffee Complimentary* Complimentary* Complimentary*
Access to Pantry Facilites Free* Free* Free*
WiFi Free* Free* Free*
Library Usage Complimentary* Complimentary* Complimentary*
Other Facilities
Meeting Room Facility Chargeable 20% Discount Free upto 8 hours*
Conference Room Facilities Chargeable 20% Discount Free upto 8 hours*
Support Services
Photocopy, Printing & Scanning Chargeable Discounted Discounted
Errand Service (Pick up/Drop) Chargeable Discounted Complimentary*
Laptop/Mac Hire Chargeable Discounted Discounted
Secretarial Assistance Chargeable Chargeable Discounted
Creative Services 10% Discount 15% Discount 20% Discount
Start-up Business Support Chargeable Discounted Discounted
Business Strategy Consultation Chargeable 1 Free Session* 2 Free Sessions*
Digital Marketing Services Chargeable 10% Discount 15% Discount
Event Consulting Chargeable Complimentary* Complimentary*
Workshop Space Hire Chargeable 10% Discount 20% Discount
Effective Membership Fee (per month)
On monthly basis 12000 14000** 18000
On quarterly basis 11000 13500 16500
On half-yearly basis 10500 12500 15000**
On yearly basis 10000 11500 14000
* Conditions Apply    **Recommended Please Proceed to Membership Application Form